We have focused on the development innovative 
solutions to reduce specializing in energy costs.

EUROtronic Technology GmbH is an innovative and modern medium-sized enterprise; the company is headquartered in Steinau-Ulmbach (Germany/Hessen). As a trendsetter in the area of convenient home automation and industrial circuit logic we offer our customers mature top technology. Our creative potential and our manufacturing and development know-how are the basis for innovative products. Since the company was founded in May 1998 Eurotronic Technology GmbH has continuously developed itself into a market leading enterprise in the electrical sector for the specialized trade and do-it-yourself retail. 

As developer and manufacturer in the area of home automation we supply leading companies in the electrical sector as well as all leading national and international home-improvement markets. The majority of our products are developed and manufactured in our plants in the German state of Hesse. Our objective is to develop, produce and design user-friendly products on the highest technical level. We place great value on always meeting the requirements of the latest technical standard. In this process we take the utmost care in complying with quality and safety standards and thus ensure a long service life for our products. Products that satisfy rigorous quality requirements can only be manufactured through modern manufacturing methods. Satisfaction of all safety and environmental guidelines is a matter of course for us.